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Google Analytics for SEO

By adminApril 17, 20204 MinutesIn SEO

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Peter Drucker

How do you use Google analytics as a SEO tool? Well, your website has to be a key part of your customer journey and the great thing is that your website stores a whole host of data that can give you insights into your customers and their behaviour.

Google analytics is a free tool to monitor your SEO efforts. So what kind of data does Google analytics provide?

  • It could be the source of your traffic (search engines, paid advertising, email, etc.)
  • How much time visitors spend on your site
  • Where your website visitors come from
  • Which web pages they visit
  • When and where visitors leave your site
  • How many times pages from your website have appeared in Google search
  • How many times people have clicked on a page from your website
  • Demographic data of your visitors

There is a lot more information that Google analytics can provide for your SEO efforts, the above is just a fraction of it

So why use Google Analytics for your SEO?

Well first and foremost the data is presented in a simple neat and in most cases understandable manner. There are various dashboards and reports that can pull all a variety of different types of data into views that are easy to read, understand and share

It can also show you what is going wrong as well as what you are doing right as you build up the daily/weekly/monthly data. SEO can be about doing the right things but also about stopping the wrong things from happening.

So what are the main factors to look out for from a SEO perspective?

The bounce rate is an important element and it show the number of visitors that immediately leave the site having accessed a page. The average bounce rate on the web is 60% but a low bounce rate is evidence that your SEO is targeting the right consumers who then visit the site and stay on it

Visitor traffic is an important feature and this can be seen from a source point of view as well. Organic search, Paid search, Social etc. Traffic can also be analysed in terms of mobile devices and desktop, if over 10% of visitors are coming through a mobile device then you need to make sure the site is optimised for viewing on mobile phones.

You can also see conversions and conversion rates of traffic sources, by page and by visitor device types

There are many other ways that Google analytics can help your SEO efforts if you need any help call us on 0161 359 5993 or drop us a line at