Get Personal

By adminApril 14, 20203 Minutes

Lockdown Tip 4

People moving to buy online rather than their local store want the same kind of personal experience so how do we replicate this online

1. Has your website got images and team profiles of all the key personnel in the business? People do business with people

2. Are you telling a story on the about us page explaining why you do what you do? People often want to know what kind of business they are buying from

3. Have you got a chat button so people can talk to you online? Implementing a live chat into your website makes it easy for visitors to have their questions answered right away.

4. Are you regularly updating the site with blogs? People want to be updated about what is happening in your business

5. Are you asking people to review your products or services? Social proof is a key element in the purchase decision

6. Are your testimonials up to date? More social proof

7. The user experience should be the same across all devices

8. Having a message that informs visitors of discounts or promotions is a great way to get them to purchase.

9. Make sure the product images you use are high quality and show all the aspects of the product

10. Live social feeds: Showcasing your company’s social feeds is another powerful way to improve personalization on your website. Embedding a preview of your latest Tweets and Instagram posts is a great way of letting customers know that other people like them are actively engaging with you, which will encourage them to get more involved with your brand.