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SEO : Lockdown Tip 3

By adminApril 14, 20202 Minutes

So traffic on the web is exploding almost exponentially as the lockdown restrictions mean less movement so people are searching online for products and services. If your site isn’t on the first page of Google and your competitors site is, then they will get the enquiry as most consumers very rarely click onto page 2.

How then to improve your rankings in Google? (BTW contact us through this page for a free ranking report!)

You need to make your site Google friendly using three main SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies

These are :

1. Make sure that your keywords ie words and phrases you want to be found for are included in the relevant page URLs. The phrases and words should also be liberally used in the main headers and content of your site pages

2. Add regular content to your site using blogs, case studies and testimonials, again all these should include your keywords. As a minimum, you should be adding content to your site once a week

3. Build backlinks with clients, customers and suppliers. A backlink is when a website in your industry places a link on its website to your site. This is powerful proof to Google that your website has value and meaning and high-quality links will boost your rankings

A well-executed SEO strategy will make sure your website gets found by the right people at the right time. It will create a steady stream of enquiries from your ideal customers, people looking for products and services your organisation provides